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London Cure

H. Forman & Son’s London Cure enhances the salmon’s complex, full-bodied flavor and silky texture rather than concealing it. Lightly rubbed with salt and smoked over oak, the whole fillet is fully trimmed, boned and sliced paper-thin by hand.


Gravadlax, or gravlax if you prefer, is marinated rather than smoked. It is a traditional Scandinavian approach to preserving fish. We use Grade One Scottish Salmon and have applied it to three different cures. 

Forman's Fish Collection

Forman’s fish collection provides the superior flavors and quality synonymous with H. Forman & Son products. One has the opportunity to explore our marinated fish to our exquisite smoked Dutch eel.

Restaurant Collection

All of the Restaurant Collection is handmade by professional chefs using the freshest natural ingredients with not a preservative in sight.

Truffle hunter

TruffleHunter is a family business based in the Cotswolds, England. Over the past five years, we have built up a reputation for sourcing the highest quality truffles from our private Sibilini Mountain location in Central Italy. Our unique & award winning range has helped secure our position as the UK’s leading producer of truffle products. Now we’re on a mission to give food lovers across America the opportunity to taste our authentic truffle ingredients.


Forman's gifts is a growing collection of items that your family and friends will love.