World Gravadlax Selection Pack

World Gravadlax Selection Pack


Three of Formans marinated salmon selections combined into one international tasting experience. The age old Scandinavian recipe of Dill Gravadlax is accompanied by Japanese inspired Wasabi-Ginger Gravadlax and an Eastern European motivated Beetroot Gravadlax. Two ounces of each in one retail pack.


DILL: Fresh Salmon (FISH), Dill, Star-Anise, Orange, Pepper, Sugar

BEETROOT: Fresh Salmon (FISH), Beetroot, Salt and Sugar

GIN&TONIC: Fresh Salmon (FISH), Salt, Juniper Berries, White Wine, Lemon Zest and Sugar

Shelf-life: Unopened refrigerated shelf life - 14 days

Feeds: 6 oz: 3-4 people

6 oz pack: $20

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