Is H. Forman & Son still run by the Forman family or is there a parent company?

HFS is completely family owned and managed. Lance Forman is at the helm of the facility and umbrella of Forman companies. On this side of the pond, Lance's cousin Ethan Forman owns and manages FormansUSA, bringing HFS products to the discerning American eaters. 

Can I get every product in the Formans UK website from FormansUSA?

FormansUSA has a condensed menu of items produced by H. Forman & Son. We included all of the most popular items to be available to US customers. As time goes on, customers will see additions to the FormansUSA selection. 

Is the smoked salmon Kosher certified?

Yes, our smoked Scottish salmon is Kosher certified by London Beth Din, an orthodox kosher auditor. The salmon is smoked separately from all other products and consistently passes the LBD kosher regulation audit. If you see a KLBD on the product detail page, that product is kosher certified. Email us to get a copy of the KLBD Kosher certificate. 

Why is Wild Scottish salmon so expensive?

The Scottish regional fishing agencies have put very strict limits on Wild salmon fishing off the coasts and inland canals of Scotland. Wild salmon fisherman have a minuscule amount of supply versus the Scottish salmon farms. 

Is H. Forman & Son available in retail stores in the US?

Yes...HFS products are available in retail locations in many US cities. View our list of stores here. Formans USA also offers the opportunity to bring the products straight to your door if you don't live near a gourmet outlet who carries H. Forman & Son. Shop all of our online products here.