River Tweed Wild Smoked Scottish Salmon

River Tweed Wild Smoked Scottish Salmon

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The most exclusive wild smoked Scottish salmon in the world. River Tweed, Scotland is the utmost perfect location for wild salmon to continue their North Atlantic journey. River Tweed fisherman pay a huge premium to ‘net and cobble’ catch because of the pristine conditions as well as the limited perfect wild salmon. River Tweed is a sustainable salmon source, even though the catch yield is limited. Tweed fisherman can expect to catch 1-2 salmon in a full day run. H. Forman & Son exclusively friction smokes the River Tweed procurement and hand prepares the finest finished product with long-cut hand slicing, ever-careful packing, and presents in a wooden gift box with signed authenticity certificate from our master smoker. This is by far the most elegant culinary gift one can give.

Extremely Limited Supply

1.5 lb sides - 20 available - $195.00 each

2.2 lb sides - 30 available - $275.00 each

ORDER CUTOFF DATE: November 30th

2018 DELIVERY DATE: December 12th

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