Salmon Coulibiac

Salmon Coulibiac


We wrap Grade One Scottish salmon fillets stuffed with wild rice and egg in homemade puff pastry. The secret is to seal the fillet and its juices within a fine wholemeal crepe.

Ingredients: Fresh Scottish Salmon (FISH), Puff Pastry (Wheat flour (CEREALS), vegetable oil, water, starch, lemon juice, yeast extract (CEREALS) & Salt, Wild Rice, EGGS, Parsley, Wholemeal crepes (MILK, plain flour (CEREALS), buckwheat flour (CEREALS), EGG, unsalted Butter (MILK), dill & salt). 

Shelf-life: Unopened refrigerated shelf life - 5 days (NOTE: not suitable for home freezing unless cooked first)

Feeds: 6-8 people

850 grams: $45

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